THE ELECTRIC LEAGUE of Western Pennsylvania is an association of industry professionals working together to promote our industry throughout the region.

We need your ideas and support through membership and active participation.


Who Should Join?

  • architects
  • engineers
  • distributors
  • electrical contractors
  • electrical product representatives
  • electrical product manufacturers
  • lighting designers
  • utility personnel
  • energy management firms
  • MIS directors
  • information technology professionals
  • electrical inspectors
  • university & hospital personnel
  • industrial plant managers
  • commercial facility managers
  • purchasing managers
  • all building professionals


Advantages to the Industry

Industry Resource

The Electric League publishes a comprehensive directory of industry professionals.

Electrical Expositions

Electrical Expos, held biennially, have been a vital aspect of League and electrical industry activities. The trade shows have a strong reputation for showcasing the finest in commercial, industrial and residential electrical equipment and technology. An exceptional forum for sellers and buyers, it has a successful record for bringing the market to your doorstep.


The Electric League stresses continuing education through numerous classes and seminars it coordinates and offers through both the EMEA and Duquesne Light.

Advantages to You

Meetings, Seminars and Networking

The League regularly offers informative, exciting speakers and skilled professional leaders in order to broaden our educational scope and sharpen our technical know-how. These events also serve as an excellent opportunity to meet and network with industry peers.

Hall of Honor

The League holds a gala dinner to commemorate those who have made exemplary contributions to the industry. These members are inducted into the Electrical Hall of Honor.

Lighting Awards

This event, held in conjunction with the IES, honors area construction projects for exceptional lighting design. The awards are given at a gala event.

Annual Scholarship Program

The League offers an annual collegiate scholarship which is available to the children of members and their employees.

Industry Cooperation

The League serves as the leader and develops strategic alliances in order to foster the growth of efficient electrical energy usage for the benefit of producers, sellers and buyers.

We invite you to read the following article which outlines the value of membership.

The League encourages membership for all electrical industry firms and personnel, from utilities and contractors to manufacturers and product representatives. Take the first step by joining us and sharing in the advantages of membership.

Schedule of Annual Dues:

$100.00 Individual Membership

add 2 through 4 people at the same company for $50 each

$375 Corporate Membership (6 through 12 people)